Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grommets and Shop Talk

I'm seeing grommets as details on garments this season. Here's a couple of examples:

Grommet Dress by Vera Wang. A simple little summer dress. Details: Square neckline and straps have grommets applied. Center front is pleated horizontally. The skirt is pleated at the sides with additional grommets partially around the lower portion of the skirt. It's made from an olive cotton and dry-clean only. Price tag: $385.00.

This dress is a simple v-neck but look at how the grommets are used. Sorry, I can't locate this example so that you can see it up close. Hope it inspires you!

Can you duplicate this at home? Sure. Get some grommets (I do carry these in the store) and apply. You could most likely easily add this detail to a RTW dress or make your own and apply the details that you like.

Now, for some additional shop talk. I just added many new patterns to the eBay store and a couple of new tools. There is also a lot of items restocked. Use the link on the right and go check out all the new items. There is more coming. I have several buttons that need to be added. Hopefully, over the next week I will be able to add to eBay and Etsy.

Happy Sewing!

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