Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jacket Inspiration....

Fall is coming and it won't be long before we need to have light weight jackets.  Do you purchase your jackets or do you make them?  Here's some inspiration:

This gorgeous little number is from Lafayette 148 New York and is called the Zena jacket.  I love the black & white tweed with the angular piping details.  Just beautiful.  If you want to check out the details, go to neimanmarcus.com and search for Zena wool-blend jacket.  Price tag:  $698.00

GA's Jacket pattern by Silhouette Patterns has a little bit of the patterns to it.  The collar is different. Worth a look.

Isn't this a cute little zip jacket?  It's from Armani Collezioni. Love the tailored look.  Love the ribbon detail.  Price tag:  $1295.00  Want to check the details of this pretty little princess seam jacket?  Go to neimanmarcus.com and search for Tweed Zip-front Jacket. 

Looks like I'm on a black/white/grey trend today.  Let me know if you find any patterns similar to either one of these jackets.  As sewers we should be able to duplicate any look that we are interested in and have it fit.  So celebrate your creativity and make something beautiful.

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unmentionables Worth Mentioning.....

Here is the Unmentionables Worth Mentioning pattern:

Have you looked at this pattern?  It is full of basic items needed for a wardrobe.  There are 3 versions of the VPL Undies.  You can make them out of anything you want maybe even using up those small pieces of leftover knits.  There are 2 versions of slips with this pattern.  One is a straight slip and works well with the Magic Pencil Skirt pattern or any straight skirt.  The other slip is a fuller version in two lengths and works well with Pamela's Favorite Bias Skirt pattern or any fuller skirt pattern.  The final item in the pattern is the Cami Illusion.  What a great little pattern!  Think of the fun you could have with this little pattern.  Aren't there times when you don't want the bulk of a cami under something but want extra coverage?   Oh, I know you can purchase these little jewels in basic colors but now you can use prints, too.  Strap guards are available at the eBay store.

Need a little more inspiration?  Check out the trunk show at youtube for this pattern -  Trunk Show.  Lots of beautiful items shown.  Looking for tips and techniques.  Check out the youtube video - Unmentionables Worth Mentioning Techniques.

Hope your inspired to make a few of these great basic items.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fall Inspiration 2...

I love looking at the clothing when the seasons change.  Here's a very wearable outfit:

The top is really nice. It is a princess seam with pintucking on the sleeves and front.  There is a sheer trim around the neckline and eyelet around the hems.  This version is made from silk.  I would think that you could duplicate the look with a batiste or maybe a hankerchief linen.  Pintucking would need to be accomplished before cutting anything out.  A wing needle could be used to recreate an eyelet look.  If you not familiar with using a wing needle, do an internet search.  You will find lots of information.  This needle is used a lot in heirloom sewing.  The basics are that you will need a zigzag throat plate and an open toed foot so you can see what you are doing.  A basic straight stitch will work but you will most likely need to do repeats.  If you have a stitch on your machine that moves in and out of the same hole multiple times, this is a good stitch to sample. If you want to see this top in detail, visit Neiman Marcus and search for the Short-Sleeve Eyelet-Trim Blouse by Elie Tahari.  The price tag is $278.00.

The jeans are a classic 5 pocket, cropped skinny jean by Elie Tahari.  To see more detail, use the link above and search for Azella Cropped Skinny Jeans.  The price tag is $198.00.

I could not resist this little dress. What a great way to show case stripes!  This would work well with the color blocked dress patterns that abound.  A great way to create a curvy silhouette.  If you want to check out the details, use the Neiman Marcus link above and search for Mitered Stripe Sleeveless Sheath Dress  by Milly.  The price tag is $395.00. 

Here's another sweater with exposed zippers.  I'm not sure if they are functional or decorative.  Duplicate the look with your favorite pullover top and sweater knit.  Make sure that you have enough sitting room when you lengthen the pattern (assuming you need too).  You can decide whether to make the zippers functional or decorative when you add them.  Use the above Neiman Marcus link if you would like to look at the details.  Search for Susie Zip-Body Cashmere Sweater by Christopher Fischer.  The price tag is $298.00.

Hope your inspired to make something wonderful.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home Linens Inspiration...

Do you like making your own table runners, place mats, and napkin?  I like making the items.  They are mostly easy to make.  You can make them in the colors and style that you want.  Let's not forget that you can size the items for your own table.

Here's a nice table runner example.  It is bright.  The finished size is 14" x 90".  This would equate to about 2 5/8 yards of fabric if you didn't want a seam somewhere.  I don't think you need a pattern for this just a good ruler and a place to cut.  The price tag is $98.00.  If you're interested in more detail, go to Neiman Marcus and search for Chartreuse Medallion Table Runner.

There seem to be a lot of the quilted placemats available.  This is a great way to practice machine quilting or even play with some of the special stitches on you machine.  If you decide to look at the detail, you will see that there are some special machine stitches used in the sample above.  This particular placemat is made from velvet and the finished size is 19" x 13".  The price tag is four placemats for $100.00.  To see the detail, use the Neiman Marcus link above and search for Juliet Placemats & Windsor Napkins by Pom Pom at Home. 

Hope your inspired to create some linens of your own.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Inspiration.....

Fall has come early to my area this year.  I am hoping for an Indian summer.  Summer lasted all of about three weeks before the temps started dipping into the 40s and 50s at night.  So, I'm dreaming of fall clothing.  It looks like gray will be a good neutral this year.  Here's the first look:

This is the Fisherman Knit Zip-Detail Sweater & Check Cigarette Trousers by Veronica Beard.  The cigarette trousers have been around for a couple of seasons and the look is still going strong.  This particular trouser has extra details on the pockets and waistband and if you're interested in seeing it hop over to Neiman Marcus to see it.  The price tag on the trousers is $425.00.  Interested in duplicating the look?  Try Clover Slim Pant pattern by Colette Patterns or Ascona Pant pattern by Loes Hinse.  The Ascona pant is not as slim but you could get a similar look.

What do you think of the zip detail sweater?  I like the detail of the zipper but I'm not sure about having a two way zipper.  What do you think about having a zipper that can zip from either end on your chest?  I would be tempted to just put in a one-way zipper and may be just let it be decorative instead of functional.  The price tag on the sweater is $450.00.  Anyone seen any similar knitting patterns?

How about a comfy sweater dress?  In reality, duplicating this look is hard unless you are a knitter.  However, you could take you favorite t-shirt pattern and extend it (remember to make room for sitting) to the desired length.  There are many sweater knits available.  The price tag is $395.00.  If you want to check the details, use the Neiman Marcus link above and search for Back-Zip Rib-Trim Sweaterdress.

Here's a classic white shirt.  Who doesn't need one of these in their closet?  This particular shirt is made from a stretch poplin.  Although I called this a classic white shirt, it is a princess seam shirt.  The price tag is $298.00.  If you want to see the details, use the Neiman Marcus link above and search for Rowley Long-Sleeve Blouse.

Hope you inspired to make something wonderful.

Happy Sewing!