Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Inspiration.....

Fall has come early to my area this year.  I am hoping for an Indian summer.  Summer lasted all of about three weeks before the temps started dipping into the 40s and 50s at night.  So, I'm dreaming of fall clothing.  It looks like gray will be a good neutral this year.  Here's the first look:

This is the Fisherman Knit Zip-Detail Sweater & Check Cigarette Trousers by Veronica Beard.  The cigarette trousers have been around for a couple of seasons and the look is still going strong.  This particular trouser has extra details on the pockets and waistband and if you're interested in seeing it hop over to Neiman Marcus to see it.  The price tag on the trousers is $425.00.  Interested in duplicating the look?  Try Clover Slim Pant pattern by Colette Patterns or Ascona Pant pattern by Loes Hinse.  The Ascona pant is not as slim but you could get a similar look.

What do you think of the zip detail sweater?  I like the detail of the zipper but I'm not sure about having a two way zipper.  What do you think about having a zipper that can zip from either end on your chest?  I would be tempted to just put in a one-way zipper and may be just let it be decorative instead of functional.  The price tag on the sweater is $450.00.  Anyone seen any similar knitting patterns?

How about a comfy sweater dress?  In reality, duplicating this look is hard unless you are a knitter.  However, you could take you favorite t-shirt pattern and extend it (remember to make room for sitting) to the desired length.  There are many sweater knits available.  The price tag is $395.00.  If you want to check the details, use the Neiman Marcus link above and search for Back-Zip Rib-Trim Sweaterdress.

Here's a classic white shirt.  Who doesn't need one of these in their closet?  This particular shirt is made from a stretch poplin.  Although I called this a classic white shirt, it is a princess seam shirt.  The price tag is $298.00.  If you want to see the details, use the Neiman Marcus link above and search for Rowley Long-Sleeve Blouse.

Hope you inspired to make something wonderful.

Happy Sewing!

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