Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring is in the air....

It's still cold here but I do have flowers blooming at my house.  Those wonderful early spring blossoms always make me happy.

Today, I was looking through floral style on Pinterest and found these dresses:

I did attempt to locate the site that had these dresses but it was a dead link.  However, I do have a pattern that is perfect for recreating these lovely dresses:

Isn't it almost the exact same dress?  This has a drawstring instead of a zipper.  That just makes it easy to create.  This dress pattern has many variations along with a slim skirt or the full one that is shown.  Hop on over to the Pattern Loft to pick up the Diane Kimono dress pattern by Serendipity Studio.

Also, I have made up a kit for the Folded Star Hot Pads pattern.  It will work for either the round version or the square version.  Here's it is:

Interested in a different fabric combination?  Just ask.

Happy Stitching!