Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Folded Star Pin Cushions

Have you tried the folded stars yet?  I certainly enjoyed the potholder that I made.  I need to make more that are seasonal to add a little color to the kitchen.  Here's the  Folded Star Pin Cushion pattern by PlumEasy Patterns:

Wouldn't this be a cute addition to your sewing and/or your ironing area?  It comes with colored instructions, measurements and 1 template to make the pincushion.  There is a 3-pack of Folded Star Pin Cushion Interfacing Templates available:

To go along with the Folded Star Pincushion pattern, I created a fabric kit:

Aren't these happy colors?  Also, you will need filling for the pincushions.  There is an unscented variety ground walnut shells:


and a ground walnuts with lavender scented:


Each bag of the ground walnut shells is enough to fill one pincushion.  There you have it.  Everything you need to make a cute little pincushion.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Ramona Wrap Dress pattern

Have you taken a good look at the Ramona Wrap Dress pattern?  Here's one view:

What could be quicker?  There are no buttons and no zippers.  Just a few seams, a tie, and binding.  Here is a fabric combination that temps me:

What do you think of this combination?  I like the gray with the peach.  Want more of a contrast?  I also have a navy that matches the floral.  Definitely a spring/summer dress.

Here's another floral combination with a plaid:

What do you think of this combination?  This makes me think of summer.

Here's a little more dramatic combination:

What do you think of this combination? I love the red and black.  This makes me think of late summer or early fall.

Hope you like this little shot of inspiration.

Happy Stitching!