Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's New.....

There are so many new items in the store. Here's a few of the items:


This is the Victorian Vintage fabric by Wild Apple Designs for David Textiles. This is a very nice quality, 100% cotton fabric.  It is approximately 43/45" wide.  Sold by the yard.

There is also a new designer and I have a couple of the patterns:

This is the  Slingin' It pattern by Makin'-it-Better. This useful little pattern comes in sizes XS (9"-11") to XL (15"-16").

There are also some new kits:

This is the Keepin' It Warm kit. This kit includes the directions and materials to create one small hot bottle cover. Let me know if you would like different fabrics included.  The instructions are by Makin'-It-Better.

Here is the Knitting Needle Kaddy kit. This kit comes in two options.  Let me know if you would like different fabrics.

I also have some new purse/bag patterns.  These have a very vintage feel.

This is the Gershwin Ellington clutch Bags pattern by Charlie's Aunt.  This pattern was inspired by the 1930's. This pattern includes two different clutches.

Next, we have the  The Poacher's Bag pattern by Charlie's Aunt.  This bag was inspired by the 1940s.  There are two options for the flap.

Hope your inspired to sew.

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

T-shirt quilts anyone?

What do you do with an over abundance of graphic t-shirts? May a quilt of course.

Above is Eleanor Burn's version of the T-Shirt Quilt. It provides information on two quilts sizes - 60" x 74" and 60" x 88".  There are other patterns and books available on the subject. 

Following are a list of tools/notions that will help with the process:

Probably the most important is the T-Shirt Ruler. This particular ruler is from June Tailor and provides grid markings for 15 1/2", 12 1/2", and 10 1/2" to assist with getting those graphics centered.


The next item that is recommended is a T-Shirt Press Cloth. This particular press cloth is from June Tailor and assists in preventing the melting and distortion of the graphics.

There are also a couple of fusible interfacing available that will work will for the t-shirt quilts:

The first interfacing is Pellon's 906F light weight interfacing. This interfacing is very sheer and lightweight.

The second interfacing is French Fuse. This is a lightweight fusible knit interfacing that is 60" wide. It has a cross-wise stretch and length-wise stability.

Looks for a different product for your t-shirt quilt.  Just ask.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's New and More......

There is so much going on. Let's start with the new fabric:

This is Manhattan Modern from Benartex Fabrics.  This is a beautiful collection.  It is available by the yard, fat quarters, and various kits.  There is also three matching almost solids.  Look for the Broadway prints.

Happy Sewing!