Wednesday, April 17, 2013

T-shirt quilts anyone?

What do you do with an over abundance of graphic t-shirts? May a quilt of course.

Above is Eleanor Burn's version of the T-Shirt Quilt. It provides information on two quilts sizes - 60" x 74" and 60" x 88".  There are other patterns and books available on the subject. 

Following are a list of tools/notions that will help with the process:

Probably the most important is the T-Shirt Ruler. This particular ruler is from June Tailor and provides grid markings for 15 1/2", 12 1/2", and 10 1/2" to assist with getting those graphics centered.


The next item that is recommended is a T-Shirt Press Cloth. This particular press cloth is from June Tailor and assists in preventing the melting and distortion of the graphics.

There are also a couple of fusible interfacing available that will work will for the t-shirt quilts:

The first interfacing is Pellon's 906F light weight interfacing. This interfacing is very sheer and lightweight.

The second interfacing is French Fuse. This is a lightweight fusible knit interfacing that is 60" wide. It has a cross-wise stretch and length-wise stability.

Looks for a different product for your t-shirt quilt.  Just ask.

Happy Sewing!

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