Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspiration...Shop Talk

Check out this wonderful bag by Salvatore Ferrango. It's the Mini Vara Capra Shoulder Bag. Really you need to zoom in on this bag and take in the details. The flap on the bag is created using little bits of metal. However, it looks a lot like Canadian smocking to me. This type of smocking is also known as Lattice Smocking or North American smocking. Here's a tutorial on how to accomplish it: Canadian Smocking.

There's 4 small o-rings, a buckle, and a chain on the purse strap. The chain also has a petersham ribbon woven in it. The edges of the bag are piped. Of course, this bag is leather. The price tag is $1490.00.

There are several pattern at The Pattern Loft @ eBay that you could use to duplicate the look. Here's three:

This is the My Favorite Bag by Black Cat Creations. You can see from the picture that it offers three different straps and has lots of inside pockets.

This is Judy's Favorite Purse by House of Quilts. It certainly has the right look.

This is Flap Happy by Tammy Tadd Designs. This bag has three options for the flaps.

Happy Sewing!

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