Tuesday, June 15, 2010

and the Inspiration keeps on coming....

The inspiration for the next season just keeps coming:

Here's the Cropped Wool Cardigan and Scoop Necked Dress by Prada. I really like this dress. It is a simple little scooped necked, sleeveless dress with a pleated skirt. The skirt looks like it could be a-line. Probably the hardiest part to duplicate would be the belt. Oh, where have the belt kits gone? Price tag on dress: $675.

The Shearling Hobo bag by Prada. This is just your standard Hobo bag but you really need to check out the details. I think this would be really easy to duplicate at home using a faux shearling. I think that all of the details are available to the home sewer. Price tag: $1995.00

Hope you're enjoying the pre-fall and fall inspirations. Personally, I haven't finished summer yet but do enjoy looking toward fall.

Happy Sewing!

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