Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It feels like Spring has sprung....

We have been having the most wonderful weather with lot of sunshine. A rarity in my corner of the world. The daffodils started blooming yesterday and I saw some tulips but I fairly certain the deer will eat them before they have the opportunity to bloom. I am hopeful that there will not be any more snow this year but March isn't over yet.

Spring makes me think of skirts and dresses.  Long or short it doesn't matter.  Here's a few patterns to consider:

This lovely little pencil skirt is the Magic Pencil Skirt  pattern by Pamela's Pattern. It has a slight taper from the hip to the hem which gives a slimming appearance.  This skirt doesn't have a waistband or a zipper.  It fits hips sizes 36" to 53".

Here's a skirt with a different silhouette. It's Pamela's Favorite Bias Skirt pattern by Pamela's Patterns. This has 2 different lengths - below the knew and just above the ankle, and two different silhouettes - slim and full. This skirt was featured in Threads #157 - The Cover Stitch by Pamela Leggett.  It had raw-edged strips.  Fits hips 36" to 53".

Here's a casual dress - the Diane Kimono Dress pattern by Serendipity Studio.  There are lots of options here: slim or full skirt with or without tiers, 4 different lengths, and bodice variations.  Sizes:  XXS to XXL.

Here's a little bit dressier look, the New York Dress pattern by Loes Hinse Design. Designed for knits, this could be a classic little black dress.  Sizes:  XXS to XXL.

There are still some Colette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick in stock. This book is a wonderful value including 3 dress patterns, 1 blouse pattern, and 1 skirt pattern.  This book ships free.
Here's a useful little tool:

It's the Bamboo Pointer and Creaser. Both ends of this tool are useful. The pointed end can be used to turn corners and assist with feeding fabric toward the needle. The rounded beveled edge can be used for a temporary press of seams.

Happy Sewing!

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