Monday, May 20, 2013

New Pattern Alert....

I have some new clothing patterns available. Two are knit skirt patterns, 1 is a simple, sleeveless dress pattern, and the last one is an addendum pattern to the dress pattern. Here we go:

First up is the Bordeaux Skirt pattern. This pattern is designed for knits and has two views - knee length and maxi length.

Second is the Zinfandel Skirt pattern. This is a 6 panel knit skirt.  This would be a great every day skirt.

The dress pattern is KISS Dress. KISS is for Keep It Simple Sewing. This pattern has two versions of a sleeveless dress. A fitted version with a zipper and a pull-over version.  This would be a great every day dress for the hot weather.


Last is the Cowl Front Overlay addendum pattern. This is an add-on pattern for the KISS dress to give a little bit of a change to the neckline.

Hope this looks like nice options for spring/summer.

Happy Sewing!

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