Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More inspiration with the Lauren Dress

Have you looked at the Lauren Dress pattern by Colette patterns?  Here is a visual:

This vintage inspired silhouette seems to be popular for spring.  Here are a few examples from Three Dots Spring 2014 collection:

Isn't this a lovely group of dresses?  From my research, the starting price on these dress is about $120.00 and ends around $280.00.  The high end is the dress on the flounce on the bottom.  The Laurel dress pattern comes with 4 variations in the package with one of variations being the flounce on the sleeve, another with the patch pockets and another without the patch pockets.  Four of the above looks are already provided within the pattern. 

Interested in the flounce on the bottom of the dress in the fourth picture?  Adding a flounce isn't difficult but there are some design decisions that you would have to make.  You will need to decide how deep you want your flounce, how much of a ruffle you want, and whether or not you want the flounce to add length to the dress.  You will need to experiment with your fabric to get the flounce that you want.  Here's a tutorial on a Fast and Easy Flounce.  The tutorial is showing a sleeve but the principle is the same for any edge that has a flounce added. 

If you're interested in duplicating any of these looks, hop on over to the Pattern Loft shop using the first link above.

Happy Stitching!

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