Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Osnaburg, The Fabric

What do you know about Osnaburg?  Have you used this fabric?  I’ve used this fabric for at least 30 years and have made curtains, towels, pillows, and embroidery, using it. 

Osnaburg, defined*:

This is a type of coarse, heavy cloth, originally of linen and now of cotton, used in making sacks, work clothes, etc. 

Origin of osnaburg*:

altered after Osnabrück, Germany origin, originally made


Curtains, placemats, towels, pillows, bags, quilting projects, doll bodies, costumes, etc.  This is a good, general all-fabric.


Stenciling or painting, embroidery – hand and machine with a backing for support, ruching, dying


Trolling the internet finds all kinds of projects made using osnaburg – table runners, placemats, quilts, craft projects, baby slings, jedi costumes.  Have you made using osnaburg fabric?  What did you make?

Happy Sewing!


*definition and origin information from yourdictionary.com

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