Monday, February 23, 2015

Curve Master Presser Foot.....

Do you like sewing curves in your quilts?  I definitely love the look but find curves challenging.  Here is a presser foot that will help with the curves:

This is the 1/4" Curve Master Presser Foot.  It allows sewing a 1/4" seam on a curve without pinning.  How great is that?  It comes with adaptors for most home machines. Bernina machines will require a Bernina shank adaptor.

This is the Extra-Long Bent Tweezers.  This is used with the Curve Master Presser Foot.

The quilter who developed this foot has many videos available to assist with the use:

1.  Curve Master Troubleshooting #1.  This 6-minute video shows 3 common mistakes and then shows how to correct.

2.  Common Cutting and Sewing Errors. This 9-minute video discusses accurate cutting and seaming.

3. Cutting Errors Result in Imperfect Results.  This 3-minute video provides additional information on accurate cutting.

4. Attaching the Curve Master Presser Foot. This 11-minute video provides information on how to attach the Curve Master Presser Foot with the various shanks.

5.  Sewing with the Curve Master.  This approximately 8-minute video provides information on how to use the Curve Master Presser Foot.

Hope you find this helpful!

Happy Stitching!

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