Friday, October 16, 2009

New Fall 2009 patterns

There are so many new fall patterns. Some have arrived. Here's a sample:

Serendipity Studio has 6 new designs for fall. Here are two of them:

This is the Stella Strip Skirt pattern, a Boutique Chic by Serendipity Studio. I think it is so cute.

Next, the The Torii Tunic pattern, another Boutique Chic by Serendipity Studio. This is a very versatile pattern in that there is a tunic, a knee length dress, and a long dress.

Now, for the newest creations by Amy Butler Design.

The is the The "Liverpool" shirt, tunic, short & long dress pattern by Amy Butler Design (Midwest Modern). What a great pattern! There are 4 hem lengths and 4 sleeves lengths.

The newest bag pattern is Sweet Harmony Handbag & Tote pattern by Amy Butler Design (Midwest Modern).

This is only a few of the new patterns in the store at eBay. Go check out the rest of the Serendipity Studio patterns or any of the other new patterns and notions in the "What's New" section of the store. These patterns will be here one or two weeks and then moved to their respective categories.

Happy Sewing!

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