Friday, January 8, 2010

Fabulous zippers and purse handles available - Anyone interested?

Ghee's has some fabulous new zippers available.  There is the 22" separating zipper in four neon colors with transluent tape - green, blue, orange, and pink.  There is a 22" nylon separating zipper with rainbow teeth in three tape colors - black, white, and rainbow.  There is a 22" separating zipper with black tape with metal teeth  in three colors - antique brass, antique copper, and antique nickel.  These zippers have a nice pull.  The price on these is $6.00 each.

There is also some new polka dot purse handles available in two lengths - 12" and 16".  The colors are aqua, black, dark brown, light green, oak, pink, and red. The 12" pair is $10.00 each and the 16" pair is $13.00 each. 

Anyone interested in a special order on these zippers and/or the purse handles?  Send me an email.  If there is enough interest, I will do a special order on these items.

Happy Sewing!

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