Friday, January 22, 2010

Spring is coming....

Do you plan ahead for spring/summer wardrobes? I always like to think that I do but I know I could do a better job of it.

For children, check out the lovely patterns by Indygo Junction, Favorite Things, Izzy & Ivy, Maw-Bell and more for creating lovely items for your children. Here's the link to the Children's Clothing. Also, don't forget about items to stimulate children's imaginations. Check out the Children's Accessories/Toys for some examples. Don't forget the Maw-Bell teepee, the castle tote. Turn off the electronics and play. Also, get the kids involved. Let them chose the pattern, the fabric, the embellishments.

For adults, check out the wonderful patterns by Loes Hinse Design, Indygo Junction, Serendipity Studios, Silhouettes, Favorite Things, and many more. Here's a link to the Patterns by Company .

Hope you find a few ideas. I will be starting the inspiration discussions again soon.

Happy Sewing!

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