Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I did. I actually visited family for the holidays this year.

HAPPY 2014! What are your sewing goals for this year?

Here's a couple of new patterns in the store:

The first is the Round Folded Star Hot Pad pattern by Plum Easy. This is a fun pattern to work on.  You can use stash, scraps, or you can purchase fabric.  I tried out this pattern before Christmas and really enjoyed the process.  Picture is on my personal blog, Sewing Daily.

The second is the Square Folded Star Hot Pad pattern by Plum Easy.  Again, this is a great pattern to use up stash, scraps, or you can purchase fabric. 

There is a printed interfacing that makes this quick and easy.  Be aware that this is a lot of pressing involved and starch is highly recommended.

I also tried out a new-to-me tool called a prairie point presser.  This worked fairly well but got hot really fast.  Here's a picture:

See the little hole in the bottom of the tool?  If you tie a piece of ribbon through it, you don't burn your fingers when removing it from the prairie point.  This is available via special order with a price of $12.00.

Currently, I do have the 12 pack interfacing available.  It isn't on the website yet but should be in the next day or so.   Also, I'm planning on offering fabric kits to make the hot pads.  If you're interested in a kit, feel free to contact me with color suggestions.

Happy Stitching!

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