Thursday, January 9, 2014

Update your decor with pillows!

Pillows are an easy way to change your décor in a flash. Here are a few ideas pulled from Anthropolgie for an easy Valentine’s update:

First is the Heart Collector pillow.  How cute is this?  At $198, it is very easy to duplicate.  How easy you ask?  Well, to make a 24” pillow you would need one 24” square of a neutral background fabric  and 2 pieces of fabric that will equal a 24” square when you have added a zipper (or two 24” squares if you’re not interested in the zipper or if you’re added a zipper to the seam).  This will give you a well stuffed pillow when using a 24” pillow form.  You can also make it a 25” square with ½” seams.  Draw heart shapes in various sizes to cover the area inside the seams.  Sew the hearts on leaving room for the fraying to occur.  Then sew the two squares together, if you included the zipper in the back or seam.  If not using a zipper, leave an opening large enough to put the pillow form in and close using your favorite hand stitch.
Here's a little tutorial on adding a zipper to a pillow back - Pillow back zipper .

Second is the Sentalimentalist Pillows.  At $148, again this would be an easy pillow to duplicate.  Use the basic instructions above except create the “X”  or “O” instead of the hearts. 

Third is the Tassel Trace Pillow.  At $58, this is a very cute pillow.  It is one that you would want to zoom in on the picture and see how it’s made.  Again, this would be easy to create.  Using the basic instructions above, choose the size that you would want to make.  The pillow shown is 18”.  Decide how much trim you’re going to need.  Calculation would be basic the number of distinct rows x the number of rows of pompoms x the width of the pillows.  Example:  18” x 4 rows x 3 rows of pompom = 18 x 4 x 3 = 216 inches.  Convert this to yards.  Purchase pompom trim in your choice of color.  Personally, I think the dark color background with the light color pompoms looks very good. 

I do have a fabric that would be a good neutral background for the first three pillows.  It is Linen Vintage Linen (30291L-12).  It is an 80% cotton/20% linen blend. 

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