Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shop Talk & general chatting

I'll start with the shop talk today. I received the order from the distributor earlier than expected but I only received about 2/3 of the order. They are many items that had sold out that have now been re-stocked and there are several new items. Just check out the "What New". There is still a few colors and widths of petersham to add to the store. As the back-ordered items arrive, they will be added. There are a couple of new stablizers and interfacings coming.

I have so many things that I'm working on right. I still have the faux snakeskin bag to finish, the 4 piece fall wardrobe to plan and complete, some pullovers and pants for my son, a jacket for a halloween costume (think Indiana Jones), and some floor pillows. Also, I received the software for the embroidery part of my new machine. I'm really excited about being able to embroider again. However, I think that I have forgotten most of what I had previously learned. So, it will be like started over. I am also a little bit concerned that I may not have enough depth for the embrodiery unit where my machine is located.

I have located a pattern for the costume jacket but it's a little bit small. I will be trying my hand at making the pattern larger. Fortunately, my son is thin so I will probably be able to get away with just lengthening the body and the arms. However, any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Sewing!

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