Friday, August 15, 2008

Stuff, Design Details, and Shop Talk

Everything is finally getting back to normal. I'm still not caught up with normal daily household stuff but I'll get there. As far as email, I had over 1000 emails when I returned from vacation. It was a little bit overwhelming but I have almost completed the task of reading through the emails.

I wanted to share the little detail on this jacket from J Jill. I know it's hard to see but if you'll look at the waist you will see just a little bit of detailing. It looks to me like it is smocking. Isn't this a great way to give a little bit of detail to a jacket? Perhaps it could be a way to give a purchased jacket or a custom-made jacket a little more shape. I love the look of smocking and I've seen lots of tops this year with a look of smocking. This is the first jacket that I have seen with smocking on it. I would love to hear about any smocking accents that you have added to your garments.

Shop talk - I ordered from the distributor today. The order should arrive by Thursday next week and I'll start putting items in the store. Most likely, I will start with things that have sold out and then add the new items. If you haven't joined the newsletters, please do and you'll be the first to know what has been added to the store.

Happy Sewing!

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