Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gift Ideas & Shop Talk - For the kitty lover

Here's a few ideas for the kitties in your life:

1. How about a catnip filled rat for the kitty? You'll find material, instructions, and a template at the Martha Stewart website - Catnip Rat.

2. Here's another cute kitty toy idea from the Martha Stewart website: Cat Toys.

3. A cute kitty bed and pillow: My Own Kitty Bed pattern.

For the kitty lover:

1. Who can resist a Cat Purrse? Here's the Cat Purrses pattern.

2. or a cell phone catty - Here's the Cell Phone Catty's pattern.

3. How about Cats in the Kitchen oven mitts and pot holders pattern.

Look around at the store. There are more cat related items. Next, I'll write ideas for dog lovers.

Happy Sewing!

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