Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shop Talk - Christmas/Winter Decorating Ideas

As you know, Christmas isn't that far away. Here's a few ideas of decorating:

1. Here's a cute pattern by Artful Offering - Victorian Elf Stocking. If you're looking for a more traditional stocking pattern try the Goodie Socks pattern by Details by Diane.

2. How about some cute Christmas Elves or Pretty Penguins? These patterns are by Disa Designs.

3. Finally, how about the cute Jingle Bell Vases pattern by Artful Offering?

Don't forget to look around at other decorative items in the store. Patterns for pillow coverings are fun and quick to change out for each season.

The backordered items are starting to show up. Today, I received the French Fuse interfacing in white. This is a knit interfacing that is 60" wide with crosswise stretch and lengthwise stability. It will be selling for $6.50 per yard. I can also order this interfacing in beige and black. Let me know if you're interested in one or both of these colors and I'll order.

Happy Sewing!

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