Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inspiration & Shop Talk

Today, I was looking at the fashions for me at the MyShape website. This jacket caught my eye - Obstinee - Long-Sleeve Jacket with Flower Detail . I thought that this was an embroidered fabric until I zoomed in. It is a very artsy jacket. All of the bias tape and the embroidery really make this a beautiful jacket. The floral detail is really pretty. Go look at this jacket and think about how you could apply this type of detail to something that you are sewing. I know I will be adding this to my list.

Here's a couple of jackets to think about:

1. The Confident Jacket by Indygo Junction would be a good jumping off point for this type of jacket. Add a zipper and a little bit of shaping.

2. The Zippered Jacket by Loes Hinse would also make a good start for this type of jacket. It has a different neckline than the Obstinee jacket but I think that it would would for creating this type of a look.

Happy Sewing!

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