Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Green gift ideas – For the kids

It's always fun to sew for kids. The excitement is contagious. Here's a few ideas:

1. If your purchased games or some boxed item, how about a personalized pillow case with their name on it as the wrapping? It's two gifts in one. Here's a couple of examples from the store: Pillowcase Patterns by Patches Pallette, and Heads Above the Rests pillowcase pattern by Vanilla House Designs.

2. How about making a stocking to tuck the ipod player cover in or the cell phone cover? Here's a couple of stocking patterns: Goodie Socks pattern by Details by Dianne and Christmas Rose pattern by Fig Tree threads.

3. Here's some cell phone holders: Cell Phone Catty's pattern by Cotton Ginnys and Cell Phone Cuties by Fig Tree threads.

4. Are you getting a little boy some pirate toys? How about making a pirate map that can work as a wrap: Pirate Treasures pattern by Needlesongs. Lots of appliques here for making lots of pirate related items.

5. Here's a bag pattern that would inspire some creative play: Castle Keeper tote pattern by Needlesongs. For little girls, fill it with princesses and clothing. For little boys, it could be filled with knights. Don't forget the story books!

6. For the little ones, how about a animal blankie? There are several examples on the store for both hand embroidery and machine embroidery. Here's a couple of the links: Hankie Blankie Pets pattern by Black Cat Creations for hand embroidered faces, Hankie Blankie Pets pattern by Black Cat Creations for machine embroidered animals, and Snuggables Animal Blanket and Ball pattern by Cotton Ginnys.

Be sure to look around when you visit. There are lots of items for kids just waiting for someone to make them up for a special child(ren).

Happy Sewing!

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