Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shop Talk - More Green Ideas for Xmas

This has been the year of Going Green. So instead of using wrapping paper for all of your gifts, how about making the wrapping as part of the gift? Here are a few examples:

1. Janet's Jewelry Case pattern would be an excellent pattern for just this purpose. Make it out a fabulous fabric, fill it with jewelry, and tie it with a big bow.

2. Shopping bags - This is probably the most talked about item when Going Green. Make a shopping bag (or two) that is personalized and fill the bag with your gift. Again, tie it closed with a bow or zipped it closed, depending on the pattern used. Here's a few from the store: The ReUse a Bag pattern, Eco Market Tote pattern, B.Y.O.B. bag pattern, or the Easy Market Bag pattern. This is just a few of the bag patterns that are available.

3. Lunch bags - Do you know someone who carries a plastic bag with their lunch in it daily? Why not make a pretty bag for the ladies or a masculine bag for the gents to carry lunch in? Here's a couple from the store: Let's Do Lunch tote pattern or the The Lunch Bag pattern.

4. Make-up bags - Again go for the beautiful fabrics and fill them with daily necessities. Here's an example - Gwen's Zip-N-Go Totes pattern.

This is just a few ideas.

Happy Sewing!

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