Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Ideas for Holiday Decorating

I really enjoy this time of the year with all the wonderful decorations. There is still time to make decorations for the upcoming holidays. Here's a few ideas:

1. There are a few examples of stockings in the store. They are so much fun to fill. Here's a couple of examples: the Victorian Elf Stocking pattern by Artful Offerings and the Christmas Rose pattern by Fig Tree threads.

2. Pillow covers are another nice item for holiday decorating. Here's a cute pillow cover pattern by Bunny Hill Designs: A Pillow Party for Christmas.

3. Calendars are fun for children. I have two examples in the store: the "We are Waiting" calendar pattern by Disa Designs and Christmas Tree Countdown pattern by Suzanne's Art House.

4. There are also decorative items that can sit on mantels, tables, etc. Here's a couple from the store: Santa Trio pattern by Disa Designs and Jingle Bell Vases pattern by Artful Offerings. There are more of this type of pattern for general winter decorations, too.

5. Let's not forget the kitchen. There are towel patterns: Holiday Towels pattern by Little Country Quilts, and Christmas time tea towels and potholders by Disa Designs. Look around at other examples of fun towels.

As always, I will special any design that I have access too. Also, use the direct links or the store link to the right to get free or discounted shipping. I will pay the savings on to you.

Happy Sewing!

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