Thursday, July 31, 2008

Christmas is 148 days away! Gift Ideas & Shop Talk

Here's a gift idea for the child who like to draw and/or color. I found a tutorial for a crayon roll at Chocolate on My Cranium - Crayon Roll Tutorial. This particular roll is designed for 16 crayons but it would be easy to make it larger for more crayons or even change the design a little bit for colored pencils. How about changing the design of the Pretty and Practical Notebook Cover a little bit to include the crayons or colored pencils along with the notebook.

Here's an idea for the knitter or crocheter on the gift list: Alexandra's Needle Roll Tutorial. Think of all the customization that can be done with gorgeous fabrics and trims.

Here's a couple of ideas from the store:

1. Janet's Jewelry Case pattern. It would make a great gift by itself or with jewelry inside.

2. The Sara Satchel pattern. This pattern contains a bag pattern and three different types of organizers for crochet needles, knitting needles, and a small bag for notions.

Happy Sewing!

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