Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fall Wardrobe

I've decided to create a sewing plan for fall. I don't know how far I will get with it but I own hundreds of patterns. I also own more fabric than I care to admit to having. However, I have done a fair job stopping the fabric buying for now.

Since I'm not working in the corporate world anymore, I want to have a simpler wardrobe but I want to look nice. I was looking at the Eileen Fisher website. This designer is know for a simpler design and beautiful fabrics. What a great place for ideas. Right now, there is a short video showing transitioning to fall. Some of the outfits have given me some ideas using existing patterns in my stash. I guess now I will need to figure out if I have the fabric already stashed away.

I do intend to do a storyboard. It may start out very small - like top, pants, jacket, and maybe a skirt. This maybe a good time to pull out the Loes Hinse patterns. I do own several of these patterns. I also have several pieces of nice rayons that were purchased via coops and webstores.

Ok, off to sew a little bit. I have two items currently cut out. I should finish those items before starting something else.

Happy Sewing!

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