Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorite Sewing Supplies

Have you ever thought about what your favorite sewing supplies are? I've given this some thought and there are definitely some items that I don't want to be without in my sewing area. Here's the list of items that I used a lot:

1.Wash Away Wonder Tape – This is my all time favorite notion.
2.Wash Away Thread - This is wonderful for basting.
3.Bamboo skewer - I keep a package of the bamboo skewers close to my sewing area to help hold items close to the needle. This is a tip that I got from Martha Pullen.
4.Tiger tape – This is a new item in my sewing box. I think this is generally used in hand embroidery to get even stitches but think about it for long straight sewing or for holding gathers in place.
5.Seam ripper – This seems to be a very necessary item.
6.Tape measure – This must have both inches and metric measurements.
7.Glass head pins – This type of pin can be ironed without worry of the head melting.
8.Flower head pins – This type of pin is a little bit longer and easy to grab when sewing.
9.Allary chalk cartridge set – This cartridge set comes with white and colored chalk.
10.Paper tracing paper – The paper that I use is about 20” wide and about 75 yards long.
11.Mini dust it – I love this to clean the sewing machine and the serger.
12.Fusbile knit interfacing – I used this for almost everything. Works well to give stability to knit hems.

I think that I could make this list even longer but I will stop at twelve. What are the favorite items to in your sewing area?

Happy Sewing!

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