Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stash Contest - next item

I started working on the black and grey snake pleather yesterday using the Amy Butler Covington Bag pattern. I think if I had known how tough it was going to be to use the pleather I may not have started it but I'm committed now. Cutting out the pleather pieces were a challenge due to not being able to use pins and chalk didn't leave a mark on the pleather. I ended up using weights to hold down the pattern pieces. For sewing the pleather, I started with a leather needle, a teflon foot on my machine, the pressure on the foot reduced from 4.0 to 2.5, and the stitch length set to 3.5mm. I quickly changed the stitch length to 4.0mm. The original sample that I sewed looked good but when I started stitched the pleather and the canvas together the canvas looked like it was gathered. Next, I changed the teflon foot for a walking foot. Now, the pleather and the canvas look good. I'm hoping once I really get started sewing the bag pieces together that I will not have any more changes. The only thing holding me back now is finding sewing time. I hoping tonight to finish getting the remaining pleather and canvas pieces sewn together. The drawstrings on the bag may be a challenge as well. I think that I can use Wonder Tape to hold it together while I stitch.
Happy Sewing!

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