Sunday, July 6, 2008

Inspiration with Dior's fall collection

I love tweed and this example from Neiman Marcus is beautiful. The jacket description is a draped Peter Pan collar, button front, darted waist, and welt pockets - $1940. The skirt description is A-lined with raised seams - $1030. Both pieces are made from wool. I'm including a link so that you can zoom in the collar. It is very interesting detail. Dior Tweed Suit

To me, the collar looks like there are some pleats with the collar edge sewn into a neckline dart with some additional pleating in the center front. I love all the topstitching (is that what the raised seams are?). The skirt says it's a-lined but it must be very slight. It looks more straight to me. I think it's also a little bit short. There are lots of suit patterns that would give a similar look but I'm not sure about reproducing the collar. That would probably be a little bit harder. Any ideas on reproducing?


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