Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sewng Magazines - Threads, Sew News

In the past week, I received two different sewing magazines - Threads and Sew News. I have had found time to read through one article in Threads - No-Nonsense Flexible Waist Finishes by Connie Long. This is a really good article for anyone who is interested in a faced waistband that has a little bit of give. I will be attempting this on the next skirt or pants that I make probably in the fall. I have skimmed the Sew News and the Knits with an Edge by Linda Lee looks interesting along with the Working Girl by Julianne Hazelhurst. The Working Girl article more or less an endless options for the working wardrobe. Now, I wish there was an article for the "At Home Girl". The WAHM or the SAHM need style too!

Ok, off to read a couple more articles.

Happy Sewing!

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